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Winston Roberts                Lou Schnieder  


Featured Artists - September

E. Schneider, Head Shot.jpg

I am a self-taught woodworker. I started by making items that people could use, cutting boards, keepsake boxes, business card holders. I tried to make these items look like they were `professionally' done but had no thought of making them `artistic'.  Now I try to enhance the aesthetic appeal of many of them. I look at wood with significant flaws and think how striking it could look with their holes and cracks filled with epoxy.  I add a splash of dyed epoxy to any flaws in the wood. In this way, I use the flaws to enhance the look.

Lou Schneider   Lou is a Tallahassee jewelry artist who has been creating unique beaded jewelry and art for over 30 years.  Lou’s creative tastes run toward the bold and colorful, and her creations include statement necklaces, tiaras, and beaded wall art.  Lou loves sparkly crystals, colorful glass beads, pearls and other natural beads, polymer clay, precious metal clay, and enameled beads.  Her tiaras are fantastical crowns suitable for pageants, weddings, and other dress-up events.  The wall art pieces include beaded goddesses and mermaids.  Lou also makes origami display pieces and tiny origami earrings, as well as multi-media pieces incorporating painting, beads, wire, paper and other materials.


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