Joel Shroats - PainterShroats

A local to Thomasville, GA, Joel Shroats started practicing art, under the late Ms. Lee Rubio. With learning techniques such as pen and ink, watercolors, as well as stipple shading at only the age of 7, he was one of only few that was excepted into her private classes shortly after closing shop.                        

Joel has had his work displayed in multiple commercial buildings here in town, and recently had three exhibits that were presented at The Center of the Arts. Within Just a few months after becoming self taught with oil paints, Joel now has exhibits that can be found in Chicago, Texas, and France. Joel is, and has become very versatile in multiple art styles such as post impressionism, surrealism, realism, & abstract art. With his bold outlines to his life like paintings, Joel Shroats is the definition of versatility in today’s art world.

It was recently quoted by Joel in December of last year. “As an artist, I don’t see things differently. I see things exactly how they are!” Since his debut here at Wiregrass co-op, it has been nothing short of that.

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