Jerry Turner- PhotographyTurner

         Jerry grew up in the sand hills of Taylor County, Georgia where natural beauty was all around. Although Jerry Had been photographing the area since the age of eight, it wasn't until he began his studies in biology at Georgia Southwestern College in Americus that he took his photography to a new and exciting level. 

         When Jerry began teaching biology and ecology at Fort Valley Middle School, he found that slide presentations of his work were highly effective in awakening young minds. After several years in Fort Valley, Jerry returned to his Alma Mata to work on his Master's degree and after graduation, decided to go into photography full time.

          As a freelance photographer, Jerry has had many interesting jobs. One of the most memorable of Jerry's assignments came in 1986 when he went to work photographing aquatic preserves for the Florida Department of NAtural Resources. He photographed and assembled slide presentations for five aquatic preserves. 

         In 1992, Jerry opened Canopy Road Gallery in Thomasville, GA. There, he sold both his work and the work of other artists while offering custom picture framing. Jerry closed Canopy Road gallery in 2000 to begin a new adventure in photography.  

         While continuing to shoot still images, Jerry is now producing nature videos shot right in his backyard where him and his wife have encouraged the natural ecosystem. The Wonders of Nature in Our Backyard series features intimate nature vignettes with soothing music and natural sounds. The videos are being used in schools, nursing homes, and neurological treatment centers. 

         In addition to the therapeutic value, Jerry hopes his work will help educate people in the ecology of South Georgia and North Florida and show that all things in nature not only are beautiful but also are key strands in the web of life. 

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