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Lath Art is an old form of woodworking folk art which got its name from making rustic pictures out of strips of "lath" wood. I learned to make lath art from my father, who modeled his art hobby after the lath artist, Theodore Degroot. After my father's death in 1986, I decided to carry on his hobby. 

My current work, which has evolved a great deal from my first attempts in 1986, is considerably more detailed and artistic than basic lath art. I primarily do buildings, with a focus on houses, churches, barns, and other historic structures.

Over the past 27 years, I have created more than 70 pieces of lath art. I have hung a few of these pieces in my own homeas "memories" of special times and places. However, most of my work has ended up being gifts to family and friends. 

The real motivation, besides enjoying the challenge of capturing the architectural beauty of both historic and modern buildings, has been to provide the same kind of memories for others. To achieve this objective, I am pleased to accept commision work from anyone who would appreciate this form of "memory".

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