Linda Davis - Painter Davis

     Since early childhood, my imagination has been vivid and most entertaining, reliable companion. My mother taught me the basics of sketching (to keep me quiet in church). My imagination enlarged upon those primitive beginnings and voila! the artist in me was set free. 

     Early on I painted primitives on scraps of wood simply for my own pleasure. Soon, I was hired to design and paint needlepoint canvases for a local needlework shop.

     As an adult, I studied with the marvelous Alabama portrait artist, the late Dale Kennington. We worked in pastels and, as a result, I received several good commissions for portraits, including the children of the Kentucky Governor.

     When my sister died, I was plunged into deep grief. My husband suggested that I take a course in oil painting. I cried with joy the minute my brush touched the canvas. Amassing a dozen or more pieces, I entered a local art show and was sold out before the night was over.

     I continue to enjoy painting in my home studio, accepting commissions for portraits of pets, children, old houses and more. In the summer and fall of 2019, I completed a long time goal of painting oil portraits of all nine of my grandchildren. 

     Still, there is always more to learn and room to improve.

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