Laurie Matheny - Mosaic Artist Matheny

    Laurie Matheny is a self-taught artist who works in her studio in Tallahassee, Florida. Recently retired, Laurie has pursued her passion by working full time as a mosaic and acrylic artist. 
     She finds it very inspiring to repurpose items and recreate them into mosaic art. You will often find her making beautiful mosaic boxes, mosaic jewelry, and mosaic wall art. She often takes items no longer useful and converts them into beautiful mosaic pieces. Her biggest project was taking a full-bodied mannequin and creating mosaic art on it to be displayed as garden art. She also enjoys acrylic painting and especially enjoys creating wall art by painting with pallet knives. 
     In the past, she has painted murals in nurseries and worked as a volunteer for visually impaired children. She saw the pleasure three-dimensional and illuminated art brought to those who could not see art clearly. She takes pleasure in creating window mosaics so you can appreciate the impact that the sunlight has when illuminating the glass. 
      Her latest client (BIMM) Berlin Music College, has her work displayed in their college reception lobby. 
     You will find her creating in her studio almost daily with her Australian Shepherd, Shadow, by her side. 

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