Layne Tumlin- Painter Tumlin

I was born and raised in the South. I adore the land down here and the people who occupy it. I love our colorful traditions and our unique culture. All of my pictures are somehow related to a memory or experience I've had, or to a person I know or once knew. I love the imagery of the South, all the striking visuals that surround us everyday. There's an abundance of rich material for artists anywhere you look. 

      I paint in oils on canvas. My subject matter is primarily figurative and explores themes and motifs from around the South. Though I prefer to paint people, I also like the geometrics of large machinery and buildings. I often work in a limited pallet. Although, at other times I may use very bright colors depending on the project. I see painting in its historical context. For me, paintings are decidedly timeless. The methods and materials I use have not changed since Titian's day. In this "technology happy" world we inhabit, I find that a tactile painting can be far more satisfying than anything written in binary code.

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