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Emerging Student Artist Exhibit 

Macy Taylor

Emerging Student Artists

Macy Taylor   Macy currently attends Thomasville High School Scholars Academy.  Her paintings include landscapes, buildings, and landmarks from all parts of Georgia.  For her, art is one of her biggest sources of empowerment. As an eighteen-year-old high scholar, so much of her day is controlled by others. Her art is a chance to take back control of her time and show who she truly is through the creative process. Art has empowered her to face her fears and push herself out of her comfort zones so that she can become the best version of herself through her dedication and passion for what she loves.

   She believes that we often take the beauty of our everyday surroundings for granted. The beautiful historical houses around Thomasville or our wonderful woodlands tend to blend in after a while, but they are what make Thomasville her home. She created her pieces with that in mind and chooses to portray landscapes and landmarks from across Georgia that take your breath away at first but could easily be taken for granted and become a background in your everyday life.

   Macy is proud to say that she has the distinction of AP Scholar and was awarded as the 2022 Region One Business Communications winner for FBLA. Additionally, She is the Thomasville High School Orchestra’s first chair, first violin and a member of the Miss Thomasville Court. She has also had the honor of being in the top fifteen at Miss Georgia’s Outstanding Teen 2022.

   Macy will be in the Wiregrass Gallery January 21 between noon and 3 pm for a “Meet the Artist” event and will be providing music with her violin.

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