Emerging Student Artist Exhibit 

Mario Berry


Marlo Berry   Marlo is a student at Bishop Hall Charter School and has been creating art for over ten years.  Her focus has been in the style of anime.  While she attended Jerger Elementary School she entered a Daughters of the American Revolution art contest, winning first place in the state and nation.  Her work has been displayed in a variety of places.

“My dream is to draw as good as my dad once did. I’ve always wanted to be just like him, and now that I can draw how I want to draw I’m more than happy to say that I have finally achieved that goal. Drawing has always been a sort of coping mechanism for me and has always blocked out a lot of my negative thoughts. Now, it’s more than just a coping mechanism and it’s a passion. It’s what keeps me moving forward, and it’s what makes me happy and it’s what I want to do in my everyday life. This is who I am, and this is who I want to be.”