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Joe Verdino - Woodworking

Welcome to the Wiregrass Art Gallery’s newest member: Woodworker Joseph (Joe) Verdino.  Joe made his first woodworking project in high school back in 1988.  His teacher told him he could make anything he wanted, but it should be something that someone will cherish and that has been his philosophy every since.  His current work consists of handmade cutting boards, boxes, and seasonal decorations.

He has over 30 years of woodworking experience with a lot of his creations are commissioned pieces.  Between his large projects Joe likes to create what he calls “functional art”, with many of his pieces intended to be used in and around the home.  Though he has never entered his work into any competitions, he has several awards for charitable work such as the Lee County E award.

Joe is a recent resident of North Florida, moving from Fort Myers, Florida to Tallahassee, two years ago, where he was a published outdoor writer for the local paper and a couple of magazines in Fort Myers. 

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