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Lynda Hartnig - Jewelry

My focus is on creating unique jewelry and accessories. Since early on, I have enjoyed making things with my hands. When I was approaching retirement age, I began taking jewelry classes from many of the talented artists through the Florida Society of Goldsmiths. Currently, I am most pleased with the success I am achieving with Precious Metal Clay and Enameling. 

     With Precious Metal Clay, you are creating objects (jewelry) from a clay product that includes fine particles of the metal.  When the object is fired, the binder comes off, and you end up with metal objects. I work with silver, bronze, and copper.  

     Prior to working with Precious Metal Clay, I had been taking enameling classes for the last six years. It is interesting to see how the two techniques complement each other.  In addition, I do both beaded and corded Kumihimo; wire-wrap stones and make leather bracelets.

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