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Paul Craft- Wood Art

     My first memories of woodworking are at 7 years old. I made crude toy airplanes out of 2x4 scrap lumber. Its always been about making objects of my own design. I was never interested in using existing patterns and plans. My canoe paddles, spoons, bowls, and furniture are products of that approach to design. 

     I took the school award for woodworking in junior high school for both my original designs and my ability to execute them. Growing up during the race to the moon, I attended a math and science curriculum high school. I had no access to tools or equipment and did not work wood again until age 32. I was remodeling my kitchen and received what I thought was an outrageously high bid for new kitchen cabinets. It was immediately clear to me that I could buy both the materials and the requisite tools for far less than the supplier was bidding. 

    Since that turning point, I have continued to add techniques and tools to my shop. In 1985, I started playing around with canoe paddle designs. Because conventional wood adhesives could not be used, I started learning how to use the magic of epoxies, advanced fiber glass and carbon fiber lay-ups. After a number of courses with masters such as Tage Frid, Roy Underhill, Kelly Mehler, Vic Wood, and Drew Langsner; my inventory of tools and techniques ranges from use of antique European hand tools to modern machines and fiber reinforced plastics.

   I hope you find my work appealing. Should you choose to purchase one of my pieces, I hope you will enjoy using it.

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