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Rebecca Buchanan

rebeccas jewelry1.jpg

Using mainly pearls, crystals, semi-precious gemstones and shells.  Other materials such as Czech glass along with repurposed jewelry are also used in creating different pieces.  Within my techniques I usually make most pieces such as bracelets, necklaces, and anklets adjustable, even rings.   Some items are in sterling silver or gold filled other.   

I rediscovered my love of rocks and minerals and gemstones.  The idea of combining different colors, textures, and sizes to create unusual, beautiful jewelry is my happy place.  My favorite thing is to create something for someone with just having a little information or better yet, an old piece they want reworked.

I have been a vendor for the past several years at Dorothy B Oven Park for the November and December shows.  St. Patrick Festival for 2 years.  St Peters English Faire for 2 years.  Currently, Rebels Midtown Boutique in Tallahassee has been carrying my items for over 2 years.

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