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Wyatt Nocera - Fabric Artist

       Raised in Northern Virginia, artist Wyatt Nocera received a Bachelors degree from Virginia Tech and a Masters in Math Education from UNC Chapel Hill. She taught high school math and directed programs for gifted students for 35 years in Arlington, Virginia. Her last year of teaching the art department was discarding an old Appalachian rug loom and a new adventure began.  Seventeen looms and 3 spinning wheels later, her world is filled with fiber, color, and ever-changing ways to use them. She has studied extensively, both at home and abroad, taking classes in both traditional and modern weaving and spinning techniques.

      Wyatt moved to Thomasville, GA in 2005 and has been exploring the world of functional fiber art in earnest. Having been knitting since the age of 8, she now spins and dyes much of her own yarn and is constantly experimenting to find new uses for her many works. She has won numerous awards including the Award for Excellence in Spinning and Weaving at the Georgia National Fair and has served as an Artist-in-Residence at the fair.

       She thinks of her work as "Friendly Fiber" combining many techniques to create functional fiber art. She hopes people will use or wear her pieces and find comfort in them. By doing so, the user is connected to the weaver and spinner and the present to the past.

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