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Bobbi Zagrocki - Cyanotype

Milkweed_6 x 6 wet cyanotype copy.jpg
Forest Floor_5 x 5 wet cyanotype.jpg

I use a dry and wet cyanotype process as well as dimensional mixed media collage to capture the essence of delicate flowers, plants and leaves from my rambling organic garden, local fields and road ditches. In cyanotype, weeds are just as beautiful as cultivated plants and many times way more interesting.

My art is inspired by nature and my goal is to tell a visual story with my work so people will see plants and flowers in a new way. Nature is amazing and the plants I use come from my garden, my neighborhood walks and the woods, fields and lakes here in South Georgia. I hope that my work will encourage people to take a fresh look at the beauty that surrounds us every day. I am thrilled that through my work I am able to speak to people about the importance of home gardens, wild plants and pollinators.

I found my path to cyanotype, as a medium, during COVID lockdown. At the time I was growing a large flower garden and gifting bouquets to the people on my Meals-on-Wheels route and wanted to find a way to capture the beauty of my garden through art as well. It was through photography and alternative photography processes that I learned about cyanotype and was smitten. I have been developing my techniques for a couple of years now but just started offering my art for sale in October of this year. I showed at the Elevate Artisans Market the last weekend in October and again at the Artisans in the Garden at Tallahassee Nursery last weekend. Both of the shows were a huge success for me and I am beyond excited and grateful that so many people were intrigued and delighted with my work.

Reflecting Pool_8 x 8 cyanotype_woven.jpg
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