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Featured Artists of the Month

       I have been making jewelry since kindergarten, with macaroni and yarn. I have since moved on to better materials. I’ve been active in the arts community and local and regional shows for nearly 40 years. I love vibrant color and I “ain’t afraid to show it.” My favorite art forms are beaded jewelry, multimedia wall art, and origami (particularly Kusudama flower balls and tiny crane earrings).

       I have my finger in lots of pies, though, including metals fabrication, wirework, tiaras, PMC, polymer clay, torch-fired enamel, kumihimo, and fabric arts. A new art form is on the horizon, as I plan on making multimedia dioramas soon!

     Since I have retired, I find I am still just as busy, and much creation occurs in the middle of the night. I live in Leon County with my husband of 43 years and a menagerie of pets. I find creative inspiration everywhere, from nature to music to dreams, and firmly believe that more is more, and you can never have too much jewelry!

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Lou Schneider - Jewelry