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Chantal Littleton - Painter


Chantal Littleton is a French born artist who grew up in Morocco, where the rich intensity of the sun bursts upon the earth like a kaleidoscope. Early immersion in such an environment, the same that so appealed to Van Gogh, Gauguin, Delacroix, Matisse, stimulated her appreciation for intensity, both of color and subject matter. In childhood, as a result of frequent excursions to museums, she began her wide-ranging collection of art books, which were to become teachers in their own right. By age 14 she was already selling her decoupage art. As an adult, her professional life enabled her to travel extensively throughout the world, absorbing works of art from various cultures.

Chantal works in oils, as well as acrylics, both on canvas as well as tar board and, most recently, plaster board. Her art is characterized by vibrant colors and contrasting shapes, always endowed with a passion for the life she loves.

Most recently, she has enjoyed a delightful success with her “Angel series,” painted in acrylic on Tar paper-board. As she says “growing up Catholic, Angels have always been part of my Spiritual life.”  Those who have bought these paintings tell her that her Angels affect them in many different ways: some as guardians, others bringing peace, some healing, but all reflective of that individual grace they share with their owner and artist-creator.

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