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Judith Pennington - Graphite/Colored Pencils

I've been drawing since I was 10 years old. Since that time I've grown as an artist and come to see animals not only through my eyes but through the eyes of pet owners and through the eyes of the animals themselves as they are in the wild. I believe we need to be better stewards of the earth and all its creatures and I hope through my artwork I can bring people closer to enjoying animal species other than dogs and cats.

As an animal portrait artist, I want the viewer to connect with the expression in the face and figure of the animal I’ve drawn, whether in graphite or colored pencil. The attitude of boldness, shyness, or defiance of the animal should somehow resonate with the viewer, creating a connection of sympathy, empathy or joy in what I've drawn.  If that happens then I've been successful as an artist.

I can be reached at my website:

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