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Lindajo Haythorn - Painting & Pottery

Lindajo has been an art educator since 1982, with a primary focus on art and dance therapy.  Her classes emphasize multi-cultural expression through both visual and performing arts. She became a nationally registered art therapist in 2013.  Through this avenue, Lindajo is able to help others use the arts to facilitate healing and understanding of their emotions, develop self-awareness, and address unresolved emotional conflicts.  She works with Oncology patients and staff, Hospice, and students struggling with emotional and psychological challenges.  

     Lindajo’s paintings and pottery offer a glimpse into a world full of color and nature.  She begins a painting by swirling colors around and lets the shapes form naturally until they bring an impression of an object or form.  Her goal is to create a piece of art that inspires conversation and encourages others to look more closely at the world around them.

    Her personal belief is that every day presents an opportunity to create whether with pencil, paint, dance, music or a spatula and frying pan.  The important thing is to create.

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