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Marty Haythorn - Sculptor 

Marty Haythorn is a contemporary artist , sculptor, ethnographic artist, and art educator. His heritage is both Native American and European. His interest in Native American pottery began as a child when his family traveled throughout the Southwest. He has produced and taught pottery for over 35 years. During the mid-70’s, he worked closely with ethnographic artist Ivan Gundrum for four years producing museum-quality reproductions of Southeastern Pre-Columbian pottery. In the early 90’s he began experimenting with indigenous clays, pit-firing and stone burnishing. He now designs and produces original pieces in the Southeastern tradition and continues to expand the collection of reproductions begun by Ivan Gundrum. Marty has a degree in Arts Administration and has worked as a Supervisory Arts Specialist, a Recreation Therapist and a Children’s Program Coordinator in an Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center. He is the founder and principle artist of his own business named Ancient Hands. His work is exhibited internationally.

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