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Sabrina Halstead - Photographer

I am a licensed photographer and I have lived in Georgia all of my life, Thomasville the last nineteen years.  I specialize in outdoor, natural photography focusing on Georgia's beauty and forgotten past.
I hike into abandoned and sometimes morbid locations to capture what has been left behind of our history.  I have an excellent category on historical churches of Georgia that are considered almost gone but not forgotten, some that have already collapsed and destroyed since I photographed them.

I began taking photos of nature, abandoned places, and even "haunted" locations due to my fascination with the more dark side of history.  I love walking into an historic location and just letting my imagination tell me a story of its life.  Along the way I have hiked into many remote locations and seen the beauty in nature all around me, slowly retaking a collapsed part or our history.  I hope to use my work in preserving what is left of these locations.

I finished my schooling in photography back when film was still in use, long before digital took over. I have over 25 years of experience which started off taking portraits, weddings and special events.  I have long left that behind to focus on nature and preserving our past through photos. I needed to refocus my passion for photography by combining it with my love for the outdoors. 

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