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Suzi D. Martin


Susi D. Martin


Susi receives her inspiration for her acrylic paintings and wood-burnings living in a hard wood forest in Madison, Florida.  A self-taught 'Pyrographer'

she has developed her own techniques.


Also a teacher of meditation, ordained minister, and poet, she describes herself as an "Expressionist" artist. Many observers of her work have experienced feelings of peace and tranquility.


Before moving to North Florida, she lived in Miami where she met the renowned artist, Gideon; who said, "Art is an ascending journey".  He became

her mentor; inspiring and encouraging her to continue her path of art until his

passing in 2010 in Thomasville, Georgia.


Her work has been shown in the Madison Gallery, Meridian Gallery and most

recently in the Wiregrass Art Gallery since its opening ten years ago.

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